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ProTech GC



What is the Pro-Tech GC?

The Pro-Tech GC is a silicone sleeve that covers the entire top the of the spray gun. It keeps guns free from over spray, safe from damage and allows for an easy tear down and rebuild process.


Why is this important?

Sprayers encounter issues all the time when dealing with over spray and gun malfunctions from excess spray foam buildup. The Pro-Tech GC keeps your spray gun healthy,maintenance free and increases the general longevity of the gun.


Why should someone use it?

Keeping the spray gun in good repair, reduce overall maintenance hours and prolong the life of their investment is top of mind for all sprayers. Having a gun go down in the middle of a job costs them the ability to get a job done well, on budget and on time.



Description from manufacturer Spray Tech Innovation's website 

ProTech GC

SKU: 711430
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