Alumilite Dyes

Officially Approved for Rhino Linings and SWD Brands!


Stand out with Alumilite Dye, turn your foam into an ambassador for your company by matching your colors or even choose a color that blends in where you spray.


  • Administer to B-Side only
  • 5-6 oz per 55 gallon set works best (you can make the color lighter or darker by adding less or more
  • 5-55 Gallon availible upon request contact us

Alumilite Dyes

PriceFrom $8.00
  • Rhino Linings Foam and SWD Foam have approved use of this product in their dye, however they nor Liberty assume any liability with the use/misuse of your purchase nor are we responsible for any product mixed wit the dye. This product will not be shipped to Canada due to the Spray Foam Industries Standards set for that regeion. By Adding this product to your cart you are agreeing to have read and accepted this disclaimer and terms. 

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